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I am a proven UX leader, offering fresh insight and a passion for innovation. I have 15+ years of experience and have a successful track record in planning, designing, developing, and managing digital-related products, projects, and teams.

I hold an MIT Certification in AI Design and am keen on deepening my expertise in AI/ML solutions, given their fascinating potential to revolutionize design. I'm excited about the prospect of harnessing AI as a potent tool for design innovation in my upcoming projects.

As a UX mentor, I guide UX and creative professionals towards career success, enhancing their skills with personalized programs and leveraging my UX design experience to overcome obstacles. My advice and industry insights help mentees thrive.


Latest work

Thanks to my experience working with leading professionals in the design, engineering, and product disciplines, I have gained a tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge regarding user experience design, design thinking, design systems, and design operations. The projects below showcase my expertise, leadership, and ability to develop compelling user solutions. They also highlight how I bring together product management, engineering, and design teams to work cohesively to achieve goals and objectives.

My passion for utilizing design thinking to solve complex problems drives my approach to each solution I'm tasked with creating.

I have work with some brilliant and talented designers, product managers, engineering leaders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.  With each experience I have gained a tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge.  This started with my first job as a designer, where I helped a talented team at Fidelity Investments implement their first Intranet site.

I also worked as a freelance designer working for national agencies.  I gained a lot of success being the Creative Lead on national campaigns with major brands.  I later started my own successful digital creative agency, where I was Head of Design  for over 6 years. I was fortunate to work with clients like Amazon, Disney, Sony, and Canon.

I have spent years honing my craft as a designer in both visual design and user experience design. I thrive best in situations that allow me to draw on my years of experience utilzing a combination of visual and UX design with understanding the needs of the user. I am able to find impactful and relevant solutions by focusing on the user and ensuring the design best meets the objectives the product and user are trying to achieve.

Most recently I have been working with the talented people who have been creating some of the brilliant products in the software industry.  I enjoyed my journey this far, and I know another adventure awaits. See what some of those great people say about their experiences working with me over the years. I think that they would agree that I am a hard charging design lead with the strong interpersonal and technical skills needed to deliver outstanding solutions which meet, and surpass customer expectations.

Clients & Brands I have worked with

Case Studies

Learn more about the details

PayPal's B2B Enterprise Design System

Learn more about the requirements and vision that lead to a new approach to Design Operations and Design Systems.

Optum Product Office UX Research

Follow the research I led to help Optum Health’s Product Office refocus and retool their product catalog and B2B division website.

Furnished Upon Request

I have brought tangible results to early stage startups and well-know enterprise brands alike.


UX Research

My approach to UX research services utilize various methods to help teams find the right solutions and design products that meet their users’ expectations and deliver value to customers.

Product Design

Powerful product design makes your business unique and successful. Discovering your users' needs and pain points helps find solutions to their problems and design digital products they love to use.

Digital Strategy

Lead the problem-solving charge, helping to connect the dots between the needs, wants, and desires of the customer and the often elusive business, brand, and marketing goals of the company.

Design Operations

Identify standard methodologies and create corresponding process and standards to enable seamless design execution for product, engineering and design teams.

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